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New favorite: Carla Hall petite cookies

A friend at work was sent a sampler of Carla Hall’s cookies. He kindly shared.

We gobbled them up so fast that I didn’t take a picture. So here’s someone else’s.

Photo via Rivertree Kitchen


My coworkers really liked the Black Forest Crinkle but my favorite was the pecan shortbread with vanilla salt. And I’m not crazy about nuts.

I really want to try the Mexican chocolate chip cookies soon. This could be an expensive habit.

Writing, culture, food

You already know I love food.

I assume you have figured out that I enjoy writing. Doesn’t everyone with a blog?

But culture…I can see how you might have guessed that my only culture was snark. Not true though!

If you’re not already familiar with my friend Monica Bhide, let me introduce you to this amazing writer, chef, teacher, wife and mother.* Monica manages to combine all of these wonderful things, and make a living from it.

Today, Monica’s new ebook “In Conversation with Exceptional Women” will be available for purchase for $4.99 on BN.com, Amazon.com and other ebook dealers. Fifty women participated including @ruthreichl, @carlahall, @padmalakshmi and @VivianSchiller.

*Also author, engineer, world traveler and so many other things.