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Magic Mike XXL, the unexpected feminist movie

Just like I did re: The Bachelorette – or rather didn’t do – I won’t recap Magic Mike XXL. Not because I didn’t enjoy it (I enjoyed it A LOT) but because other, better writers have already done so.

Via People Magazine

Here are a few highlights from their write-ups interspersed with pics and gifs from this totally Oscar-caliber* movie as well as one or two of my own thoughts.

If you’re concerned about spoilers – and you really shouldn’t be because the paper-thin plot is Not The Point – I guess stop reading. But you’d be missing stuff like this:

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The best part of Magic Mike

Channing Tatum never held much appeal for me.

Dear John? Pass.

The Vow?  Too much Guy-Cry.

Then again, I’m also the woman who didn’t get Ryan Gosling until Crazy Stupid Love.

I knew Channing as the guy who married the girl who dated Justin Timberlake post-Britney. The guy whose stripper past came out which I found mortifying.

“There goes his shot at an Academy Award,” I thought.

But I was intrigued when I heard that Channing had decided to use the stripping experience to his advantage in the form of Magic Mike. Something about the trailer got me too.

Did I see Magic Mike? Oh yeah. This was my favorite scene.

I wish I could find the whole thing online. Maybe this means I have come around on Channing.

Lots o’ gifs here 

Why Are People So Obsessed With Ryan Gosling? « Thought Catalog

I love this (via @thoughtcatalog)

Why Are People So Obsessed With Ryan Gosling? « Thought Catalog.

Don’t get me wrong. I think The Gos has SOMEthing, but outside of a few really hot scenes in The Notebook, I get a bit hung up on the way he talks (kind of weird, ok?) and the fact that he’s not one of those actors who look great from any and all angles (that’s his job!).