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When it’s time to say goodbye

My friend Cherylanne (who you met here) recently made the hard decision to close a business. She posted about it on her blog.

Cherylanne Skolnicki

As she has for the two-plus decades I have known her, Cherylanne impressed me by how she has approached this experience: Continue reading

Twitter Spotlight: Cherylanne Skolnicki

I just don’t even know how to introduce you to Cherylanne Skolnicki aka @NourishTweets aka Canne, which is how she used to sign her name for short when we were in college together at Cornell.

Although we are both only children from Pennsylvania, Cherylanne and I were awfully different as students. She graduated in just three years whereas I slept through almost as many classes as I attended. She cooked amazing, grown-up style meals; I threw together the same one-pot pasta on the nights when I couldn’t talk my roommates into ordering pizza.

But years later, here we are: still friends. I like and admire this smart, kind entrepreneur, wife and mother 100x more than I did back in college (and I already thought the world of her).

Time for you to get to know the brains behind @NourishTweets.

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