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Who let these ads be made?

Here are two recent head-scratchers.

Invictus by Paco Rabanne

The good: the guy has a great physique and I *love* Kanye’s track, Power.

The bad: it’s just so…weird. The awkward motions. The references (I think) to Greek gods set in a sporting stadium. The cheesy act of walking with a trophy on his shoulder. And then, naturally, the hero gets to the locker room where the clothes of the waiting women just fly off.


Merci Chocolate

The good: hmm. Well, it IS an ad for chocolate. And about saying thank you to people. So that’s nice.

The bad: everything else. I swear, every time this ad starts, I think it’s a Saturday Night Live Sketch. The sing-song jingle reminds me of the Golden Girls (which I still love), and yet I hate this ad. My guess is that a US-based ad agency either wasn’t involved or got ignored when they recommended ditching this goofy creative.


Still, will anything ever top the creepy Folger’s ad?

Eat these cookies!

Life is tense right now.

Concern #1? My beloved Dad is not well. I would appreciate it if you’d send him your very best thoughts for better health.

this is an old photo

this is an old photo

Concern #2: it looks like I have found a new apartment. This is a good thing, but moving is a pain. More on this soon. Continue reading

Careful, I’m spicy!

Me too.


Mast Brothers is specialty chocolatier in my neighborhood. When I walk by the shop on my way to my favorite coffee shop, it’s hard not to stop in. They make the bars and other products right here on N 3rd Street and the smells that seep out are tantalizing.

A recent New York Magazine cover story lumped Mast Brothers in with “twee” artisanal Brooklyn and a book is forthcoming.

But for me, the chocolate speaks for itself. Bars like sea salt and Stumptown coffee are my favorite Brooklyn gifts to give.

Take note: the serrano chile bar is just as spicy as promised!

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Do better, lovebirds

Valentine’s Day is February 14. Every year.


It’s not a surprise like, say, Easter. Or President’s Day.


February 13 shopping says “I didn’t plan to care but perhaps I should do…something.”


You last minute Larries, you.

Twinkies are crap anyway

People are going bananas about the liquidation of Hostess Brands. I’m sorry for the loss of jobs, but not much else.


I have never had a Twinkie, a Ding Dong or a Ho Ho. SnoBalls downright scared me all my life.


I grew up with Tasty Kakes. Peanut butter Kandy Kakes specifically. I assure you: they are superior. And to my knowledge, not made of creepy chemicals.


It’s a Pennsylvania thing, but if Tasty Kakes aren’t in your area, you can order online.



More love for bacon

When I arrived at O’Hare last week, I learned I didn’t have a hotel room, and that most hotels in Chicago were sold out.

This treat I found at the Vosges kiosk softened the blow.

Photo via EVEats.com

Pricey, caloric and wonderful. I managed to stretch the box over my four-day trip. That’s will power.

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Happy, um, Easter. Or something.

Easter is a strange holiday, no?

(not me)

A resurrection (!!) plus a giant rabbit whose tie to Easter festivities is a holdover from pagan times carrying candy nestled in plastic floss. Nothing strange about these things at all. Continue reading