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Would Chris Harrison be The Bachelor?

One of our favorite television hosts was featured in the New York Times Magazine Sunday.

Property of New York Times Magazine

An excerpt:

Would you ever be the Bachelor?
Now that I’m divorced, it’s feasible.

Alas, he continued:

But there needs to be a level of innocence and naïveté when you come in to be the Bachelor, and I have none. I have seen how the sausage has been made for 12 years now, and I helped make that sausage and so it just wouldn’t work.

Keep dreaming, Bachelor fans.

The interview has some other gems. My favorites involve egg whites and having hair on his chest. Click here to read it.

Looking back

As you read this, I am on a business trip in Mexico* instead of live-tweeting The Bachelor. For some of you, this is probably cause for celebration.



I thought that for tonight I’d share a few of my favorite posts from the past, some Bachelor-related, most not.

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*Sadly there’s no beach involved and no pool time. But there’s tequila.