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I bought it

Actually, I bought them. Two cocktail dresses. I went looking for one dress for my company’s upcoming holiday party but the prices were so good that I bought two. Total damage with sales and a Lord & Taylor coupon: $220.

First option is this silver number from Anne Klein.

Anne Klein

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Better drinking in DC

The Passenger is already a great place to get a drink in Washington, DC.

Courtesy of Jim Webb

Great location in my old hood, quality spirits made into tasty cocktails and terrific, unique bar food made by brothers Derek and Tom Brown, plus the bar’s excellent staff.

But The Passenger’s staff has taken the inventiveness they apply to creating cocktails a step further.

I asked The Passenger’s head bartender¬†Alex Bookless how the drinks – and the fun signs that promote them – came to be. This is what she had to say:

We’ve always enjoyed playing around with pop-culture and the zeitgeist, and bringing that into our bar. We put what we think is funny on our chalk boards and hope everyone else agrees with us. We try to make cocktails that are a fun representation of whatever pop-culture phenomenon we’re referencing, and we try to make them delicious too.

The Passenger succeeds in that effort. I’m overdue for a visit.

Ode to The Michelada

The michelada is my favorite drink.

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Maybe you’re not familiar with it. Also known as “cerveza preparada,” it is a beer cocktail of sorts.

Imagine a spicy bloody Mary with lots of lime juice, but replace the vodka with beer. Recipes vary but that’s the beauty of it: there are several ways to get to the same essential beverage.

Here’s one I like.

Or you could let someone else do the heavy lifting. I have had some terrific micheladas at these spots:

Have you tried a michelada? What did you think?