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Cosmopolis (aka the time I was in the same room as Robert Pattinson)

Well, so were about 300 other people too, but STILL. It was cool.

I’m still not quite sure how it happened, but some friends and I ended up in the front row for the recent Cosmopolis Times Talk with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson.

I’m also not sure why I look so tired in this pic…

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Ann Curry, Cannes, China, boobs, butts, food and other stuff

Ann Curry is covering Cannes Film Festival for the Today Show. Quelle horreur! Someone please keep her away from On the Road and Cosmopolis.

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Just What’s Inside Those Breasts via NPR

If you didn’t Shape Up, you might settle up.

Celery: For the Love of God, Why?

Bon Appetit Grub Crawl. Looks cool (if pricey).

Cosmopolis. Discuss.

This @time writer liked author Don DeLillo’s new short story collection, The Angel Esmerelda, better than other DeLillo works including Cosmopolis.

But there’s a problem: DeLillo hasn’t been very good recently. As if in reaction to the bunker-busting Underworld, DeLillo’s 21st century work grew famished, starved of style and meaning. Thin works like The Body Artist, Cosmopolis and The Falling Man looked more like stocking stuffers than proper novels, and they read worse. 

Have you read Cosmopolis, and if so, did you read it before Rob Pattinson was cast in the film or after?

(not judging!)

What was your take on the novel?