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Five things that made me cringe recently

1. This chaise. The seller claims s/he paid $1000 for it. Color me skeptical.

2. This guy.

3. Deryck Whibley dressing up as ex-wife Avril Lavigne for Halloween.

4. The L train staying out of service post-Sandy.

5. This Tampax ad.

What made you cringe? Leave it in the comments.

Would you live here?

I saw this roommate situation posted on Craigslist. The post probably isn’t still live, but I included the link just in case.

The important part was the mention of having six full sets of china to share. I assume that’s what this room is all about.


What do you think: creepy people or just eccentric?

Before you ask, no, I’m not moving. I just like to look at real estate ads more than most normal people.