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An alternative to Crate and Barrel’s Dubois mirror

You may remember that I posted about the evil Crate and Barrel Dubois mirror.

To reiterate, Dubois mirrors are notoriously difficult to hang and some don’t even match-up with respect to size and hanging mechanism.

I recently got a catalog from Art.com (catalog? How retro!) and noticed their gold bevel mirror. Although they lack the distressed look of the Dubois mirror, they are much less expensive than Crate and Barrel’s Dubois mirror.


From the web site and catalog, I couldn’t tell if the hanging mechanism is an improvement or not so I emailed customer service. They kindly let me know that hanging wire and hardware are included with the mirror.


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The evil Crate and Barrel Dubois mirror

I coveted a set of these Crate & Barrel mirrors for ages. Based on the price and my desire to buy at least three, I hunted high and low for a cheaper substitute to no avail.

Via imbusyprocrastinating.com

Eventually I bought three, thinking I’d trade up to six or even nine over time.

Via crateandbarrel.com

When I got them home and opened the boxes, I was shocked to see that two of the three had just holes for hanging whereas the third had what appeared to be half of a hanging contraption.

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The return of…catalogs?

Lately I have been getting all sorts of catalogs in ye olde first class mail. Paper catalogs. How quaint.

Suddenly, it’s like we’re back in 1991 and no one has yet heard of the green movement.

A few make sense. I bought a rug from Home Decorators Collection. The company seems a little old school (my rug rocks though!). I’m opting out.

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Buying and selling furniture

I’m selling Crate and BarrelĀ bookcases and a dining set for four to make room for new things.

Like this cafe dining table for my wide kitchen.

I also need to buy a microwave because my rental has a Miele and its 17 modes don’t include “microwave.” Sabbath mode, yes. Microwave, no. $%^$%@!!!

And I thought my apartment search was thorough.