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Thanks for creeping me out, eHarmony

It’s strange to hear a little girl (one with a speech impediment no less) say “all the hot babes” to her tv grandfather.

Don’t worry. I am single, but wasn’t planning to give those hateful dummies my money.

A horse is a horse

…except when it’s a creepy, creepy mask.

I wouldn’t even try it on. Beyond the rubber smell, something about this mask freaked me out. Maybe the way it reminded me of this classic movie scene.

Oddly enough, I spotted the mask in a store in rather elegant Sonoma Square.

Only in New York – The real estate edition

These are honest to goodness sublet listings.

A sixth floor walk-up┬áthat comes complete with an ancient television and someone else’s grubby mattress. All for $2200 per month. It looks like it could be a set for an off-Broadway play about a sad sack, drunk, down-on-his-luck artist.

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