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What We Ate (and Drank): Rehoboth Beach 2014

If you have been reading my posts for a while now, you know I look forward to my annual Rehoboth Beach trips with family and friends. We’re super lazy. A shopping trip to the outlets is about as much energy as we ever expend. And we like it that way.


Frankly I’m saving the learning and cultural exploration for Kenya. My adventure starts this Friday!

This year, I had some great food and drink in Rehoboth and nearby Lewes. If you head that way, this summer here are some places I think you should check out. Continue reading

Vacation #2 of 3

In I-am-so-lucky news, today I am leaving for my annual Rehoboth Beach vacation.


This is not to be confused for my Bahamas vacation.


Or my upcoming trip to Kenya.

Expect some funny family stories. They’re a-comin’.

What are you doing for 4th of July, American readers?

What we ate: Rehoboth Beach (Part 2)

Given that this was my longest trip to Rehoboth in years, we covered a lot of ground. Click here for Part 1

For breakfast, if I didn’t eat at the beach house, I’d most often go to Dave & Skippy’s for a bagel sandwich or stop by Gallery Espresso where I like the French toast and my friend liked the gluten-free options (although her eggs arrived cold).

I always make a trip to The Cultured Pearl. Like a lot of Rehoboth restaurants, the menu is enormous including Japanese, Thai and other dishes. They try to be all things to all people.

That said, I just about always enjoy my meal. I usually skip the entrees and make a meal of sushi, edamame (spicy please!) and an appetizer or two.

This year, The Cultured Pearl offered live entertainment in the form of Shaun Hopper. I’m not sure who liked him better: Mom or Dad.

Continue reading

What we ate: Rehoboth Beach (Part 1)

After what felt like an endless drive to Rehoboth from Brooklyn – it took a full hour to get out of Brooklyn and through Staten Island to New Jersey – my friend Leslie and I were famished, thirsty and eager to begin our vacation in earnest. My parents had already eaten so Leslie and I stopped at Lupo di Mare in the cheerful yellow Hotel Rehoboth for dinner before even dropping our bags at the house.

Choosing to dine at the bar, we were immediately charmed by the youthful bartender. Why? He carded us and it actually made it seem sincere. Charming.

Via DJOtaku

But then:

“What is soppresata?”

“Do the pastas come in half portions? What do they cost? Half price? What is the full size dish is an odd number?”

“What does this mean? Should I get this? Will I like this?”

These are only a few of the many, many questions our dining neighbors squawked at our patient bartender while my friend and I considered the menu and ordered drinks.

The food? It was fine. Good even. I remember liking the gnocchi that accompanied my chicken about three times as much as the chicken itself, but the details are long gone. Blame the cocktails, the wine, the long drive or just Vacation Brain.

Henlopen City Oyster House is a great new-to-me spot. Taking the place of one of Rehoboth’s long-past-its-prime restaurants, the owners of HCOH stripped the decor down to the bones, making the space modern, bright and uncluttered. Continue reading

I went to Rehoboth Beach

Picture it: I’m napping.

Yes, I do that a lot, and twice as much on vacation. SO?!

Then, Mom enters my room at the beach house to return the items of clothing she kindly laundered for me.

A crisis arose that required her to stand at the foot of my bed, thus disturbing my slumber: her bra and one of mine were hopelessly tangled.

I took these photos once I realized resuming my nap was an impossibility.

In addition to napping, I also ate while in Rehoboth.