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I bought jeans!

Remember my jean stress? Rejoice! I found a pair of jeans I love:

Via Polyvore

They’re DKNY Jeans, Skinny-Leg Tuxedo-Stripe, Mamba (!!) Wash.

It’s a good news/bad news situation.

The good: I found them at Marshall’s on sale for just $29. The bad: because they’re already at Marshall’s and priced so low, I probably won’t find them elsewhere, perhaps in another color.

Macys has a few pairs left as of press time. If you buy, go a size down. They run big.

You can keep your low-rise jeans and your jeggings

Clearly Gap doesn’t read my blog. If they did, they’d know how I feel about jeggings. At my age and all.

I don’t wear jeggings. I have tried them on and felt like an anatomical model.

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Time to put away childish things

Me, quoting the Bible? I KNOW.

But it’s the only appropriate phrase I could come up with for this post.

In recent years, I have been blessed [ha!] with great storage space, much more than is normal for city life. These are two of my four closets in my present apartment.

The issue is that I have expanded to fill the space, all while doing a bit of unfortunate expanding myself. Stupid thirties. As a result, I have too many pairs of expensive jeans that no longer fit occupying under-the-bed boxes stashed in various parts of my apartment. The closets are full.

I hung onto the jeans, figuring I’d get my act together and lose the weight.

Here’s the thing: I neglected to account for the fact that as I inch closer to forty, low-rise jeans would be the last damn thing I wanted to wear. It’s hard to remember how or why I ever wore jeans with a six or seven inch rise. Also, some of the jeans are white.

Those days are over. Good riddance, youth.

[PS If you’re young, thinner than me and might want to buy some Citizens of Humanity and 7 for All Mankind jeans cheap, email BadChicklette at Gmail]

What’s skinnier than skinny?

As if I didn’t feel inadequate enough.

Check out these denim offerings from Madewell and J. Crew.

Gap is carrying fewer of the style I like, the Mid Rise Always Skinny. They seem to be going exclusively low rise or close.

It’s like Gap, Madewell and J. Crew just want me to give up and shop at Chico’s.

Get red

I went to the Gap last week, lured in by a buy one, get a second pair 50% off denim sale.

My favorite jeans of the moment are Gap’s Mid-Rise Skinny so I figured I’d go in and pick up two new pairs, maybe try a different wash.

What really caught my eye, though, was the awesome red jeans Gap had…for men. The red is a perfect shade and the denim feels somewhat soft.

I tried them on, knowing that my very womanly tush probably wouldn’t fit in men’s slim cut jeans. If you have less going on in the hip area, you should try on these jeans if only to make me jealous.

Note: this isn’t a sponsored post. I just happen to like and shop at the Gap.

Ladies, would you buy men’s jeans?


I bought red jeans (women’s jeans) at Banana Republic. These.