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Since you’ve been gone

This is Part 1 of a three- or four-part post. We’ll see how things go.

OK, it was actually ME who was gone.

Sorry for the silence and also the lack of warning. First, I was distracted by this.

Then I went on an epic thirteen-day, four-stop business trip that was preceded by an additional one-night business trip. All told, I stayed in six hotels and one apartment (his, twice) between January 27 and February 11. It was a LOT, even by my standards of biz travel.

Here are a few pics and stories from the first stop of the trip, Palm Springs, for the curious.

Palm Springs


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I missed you. Did you miss me?

Hello. I’m back. Did you miss me?

I was in Utah for work for a whole week. While I can’t blog about that, I can tell you that this happened:

Yep, I shot guns. Really big guns. And it was a work-related meeting. Cool, huh?

Then I returned to NYC and saw this with my visiting parents. Dad said “I don’t want it to end” which made me so glad I bought the tickets for all of us.

Finally, my parents came to check out my new apartment and have brunch. It was my father’s first visit to Brooklyn and he seemed to love it. Either that or the restaurant spiked his coffee.

You be the judge.