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I finally bought it: a sofa table

I have been trying to find The Perfect Sofa Table for a long time. Years.

What a total pain in the a$$, y’all.

I had my heart set on working with RecycledBrooklyn.

They make beautiful furniture from reclaimed wood. I wanted to support local business while also avoiding shipping costs. Alas, they were unresponsive, something that is apparently typical.

I eventually found what I wanted on Etsy via Happy. Home. Austin.

And it’s here! I love it.

sofa table 8

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40 Days of Dating

I heard about 40 Days of Dating via Mashable so I realize it’s entirely possible you did too.

Just in case you did not, please click here. The concept is straightforward – two friends commit to dating for forty days, the length of time it’s thought to break a bad habit. It’s the execution that’s unique.

Both participants, Tim and Jessica, are design professionals and the web site on which the forty day process is recounted reflects that. It’s gorgeous.

While the forty days of dating happened in the spring, the recaps are just rolling out now. You can easily catch up in a day or two of binge reading and watching. Day 40 is August 16.

There are rules, of course. Even the rules are attractively presented!

Via 40daysofdating.com

Via 40daysofdating.com


I’m so curious to know how the forty days ended. Jessie and Tim don’t seem to be all that compatible but for some reason I find myself rooting for their dates to go beyond the experiment.

Incidentally, while reading Day 25’s post, I realized that Jessica Walsh is the Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh. Yep, the company that goes nude in its marketing and promotional materials.

It’s that connection that made me wonder: is 40 Days of Dating real? What do you think?

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Going naked for professional reasons

According to Business Insider, the design agency Sagmeister & Walsh has a history of featuring its staff in marketing material completely nude.

I confess: I cynically thought the nude employee photos would consist of one male boss, and twenty or thirty stunningly beautiful women. Mea Culpa.

While Business Insider initially ran the original images – which is to say fully nude S&W employees – they switched to blurred photos like the one below after receiving complaints. The firm’s web site made no such compromise.

Property of Sagmeister & Walsh / Mario de Armas

Property of Sagmeister & Walsh / Mario de Armas

While I was not offended, I also won’t be applying for a job there. I liked the photos quite a lot once my [silly] shock wore off.

Would you work there? Could you?

More backstory here.