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Five great things I ate (and drank) recently

1. Charcuterie at Il Buco Vineria. Probably the best I’ve ever had.

2. Gorgonzola cremificato at Murray’s Cheese. Molly and I arrived early for our class so we went two doors down to the cheese bar. Yep, we had more cheese plus charcuterie…before a cheese class.

3. Banana tiramisu at Saranello’s outside Chicago. The chef said it was inspired by his mother’s banana pudding. Italians might scream ‘sacrilege’ but it was so delicious that I can’t make myself care.

4. Fennel sausage pizza at Nellcôte. Diandra and I got ours sans mushrooms.

5. I can’t stop thinking about this wine I drank during the class at Murray’s Cheese. It was so unusual and wonderful that I’m tempted to buy a case!

Thumbprint portraits, the art of persuasion and other cool things

I love these Thumbprint Portraits by Cheryl Sorg. Understandably, they are an investment–she puts so much into each one. Her Etsy shop has other, less dear pieces of artwork for sale.

Photo via Cheryl Sorg

On persuasion (via NPR)

Suburban Sweetheart understands me.

My friend Diandra suggests: Be Amazing.