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What exactly are you selling?

I love Etsy, and also Regretsy.

Disgruntled model not included

But sometimes I poke around and have a photo catch my eye that makes me ask “what part of the things pictured are for sale?”

Balloons not included

The evil Crate and Barrel Dubois mirror

I coveted a set of these Crate & Barrel mirrors for ages. Based on the price and my desire to buy at least three, I hunted high and low for a cheaper substitute to no avail.

Via imbusyprocrastinating.com

Eventually I bought three, thinking I’d trade up to six or even nine over time.

Via crateandbarrel.com

When I got them home and opened the boxes, I was shocked to see that two of the three had just holes for hanging whereas the third had what appeared to be half of a hanging contraption.

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