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I went to a sh*tshow and didn’t even notice


I thought we had a nice enough business lunch together. It was neither mind-blowing nor awful. Then again, I wasn’t paying.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that you have been designated by Eater as a sh!tshow. Even stranger? Salman Rushdie is somehow involved–although his choice to have his birthday festivities elsewhere is telling.

Now I’m kind of waiting for you to close.

All my best to you in your future endeavors,

One Chicklette

PS your bathroom is kind of weird and your web site is amazingly awful.

In case you missed it

“Just Call Me Hipster Kryptonite” by Simone in Toronto. It gives you an idea of how I feel living in Williamsburg sometimes (even though I love it here).

Vintage ad for Mount Airy Lodge in Northeastern Pennsylvania. “All you have to bring is your love of everything.”

I need to go to Puddin‘ soon.

Time lapse video of a Dutch girl named Lotte. Birth to age twelve in two minutes!

NY Mag article on @lenadunham from March, just in case you need a nudge to check out the jaw dropping-ness of Girls on HBO. I love it.

Photo: Autumn De Wilde. Via NY Magazine.

I ate at Vermilion and didn’t think it was bad, and I ate at Isa without falling in love.