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Emma and Andrew are great but…

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, adorable talented couple that they are, have started doing this thing where they hold up little signs touting “good causes” when they know they’re about to be photographed by the paparazzi.

Example here via Just Jared:

Here’s the thing: this time they included Autism Speaks.

Surely you’ve heard about the organization. It has great brand recognition.

But it also has issues. And I hate to think that the well-intentioned Emma and Andrew would promote Autism Speaks if they knew how much money the organization has poured into finding a link between vaccines and autism. Or how little of the money raised goes toward supporting families living with autism. Or how the organization has marginalized autistic adults.

If I’ve piqued your curiosity, dig deeper starting here and here.

But definitely go support Gilda’s Club.

Recasting ‘Focus’ starring Kristen Stewart

On Wednesday, a @KateSpencer tweet clued me into the fact that Ben Affleck has withdrawn from Focus, a film about a young woman – played by Kristen Stewart – learning the tricks of the trade from an established grifter.

I wasn’t crushed by the news. Physically Ben doesn’t do much for me. No, not even in this picture. And while he’s become a successful filmmaker, I suspect he is…well, a schmuck.

I tried to picture some level of chemistry between Ben and Kristen, but that was an utter failure. Maybe it’s his age (40) or all of the track suits he has sported (innumerable).

Anyway. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Who should star opposite Kristen? Is there supposed to be a noticeable age gap or just a gap? Does the actor have to be American or good with the accent? How about race?

Before I could even Google Focus to see if I could find the treatment or script, I said ‘RYAN GOSLING!’ not realizing that he was previously mentioned for the role.

@eimski and @MegUrbani tweeted about Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Either of these would work for me.

Idris Elba? Also forty years old but so sexy. I’d pick him over Affleck any day.

Alex Skarsgård? He’s a few years younger than Affleck but oh-so-tall. 6’4″ compared to Kristen’s 5’6″.  Is that a problem? Maybe.

Jake Gyllenhaal? I can’t say I’m into that.

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