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This is my personal space – part 1

Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite sites, recently asked the question “Overnight Guests: Can You Just Say No?” prompting me to think back on a house guest incident I’ll tell you about tomorrow. 

The post featured thoughts from Erin Boyle who keeps a blog called Reading My Tea Leaves. Erin and her husband live in a 250 square foot apartment (!!) here in NYC which helps inform her opinion on house guests.

In this case, the comments below the post really added to the discussion. Some posters couldn’t imagine saying no to a house guest, ever. Others, however, were shocked that people would invite themselves to stay.

My perspective is colored by the fact that I have lived in cities my entire adult life. I have not had a guest room ever and my couch doesn’t pull out.

When I was younger, I probably hosted more people than I do now. Having a house guest in close quarters is, well, tiring. Cleaning, ensuring all of my best linens are washed and waiting, and most importantly, the change in my routine. On weekends, I really enjoy being lazy, sleeping in and keeping my schedule loosely organized.

There are some friends, of course, for whom I’d drop everything to host them.

How do you feel about house guests?

And yes, the headline makes me think of this movie clip.

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