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Bones, bugs, stuffed dead animals. Evolution, the store

Beauchene Skull anyone? Perhaps a toddler skull is more in your price range.

This is a real store, selling real (and replica) skulls and skeletons.

If you ever need custom taxidermy, you’ll want to make a special visit to this SoHo establishment.

What do you think – creepy or cool? It’s not my cup of tea but I’m glad it’s there.

Why I don’t enjoy Christmas

I don’t get a tree or decorate my apartment. Christmas music drives me bonkers, and not in a good way.

Many times, I have referred to myself as The Grinch, but I don’t hate Christmas; I just can’t find a way to enjoy it.

I used to *love* Christmas. As a child my life was divided into the half of the year when I eagerly anticipated my family’s annual trip to Nags Head, and the half when I couldn’t wait for Christmas.

Christmas was easier then, of course. I mean, come on: PRESENTS! Relatives bearing hugs and gifts seemed to arrive every day for a week, expecting nothing from me but a happy “thank you!” And church was pretty (if still dull to me). Candles! Flowers! Cookies!


Where did it go? How did I lose my Christmas spirit? Can I get it back?

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