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Things I learned while grieving

Tomorrow will mark one month since my dear, sweet, wonderful Dad died. I’m doing OK, but it still sucks. I still cry. I still feel sad and awful and shocked that the world keeps turning without Dad present.

But I am also starting to manage to not cry every time I see a pic of Dad or think of him. Weirdly, I feel a teensy bit guilty for not grieving 24/7. That’s normal and OK too. Grief is weird and non-linear and unpredictable.

flowers Having survived this summer myself, I’m feeling kind of expert-y about grief (not really) and though I’d share a few things I learned in the process. If you have anything you’d add, please share in the comments.

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I love Facebook (honestly)

Facebook is where I found my childhood best friend. Her last name is Jones so google had only produced “success” in the form of her father’s obituary.

But then a year or two later, suddenly there she was showing up on the walls of other elementary school friends.

After a moment’s hesitation when I wondered “why hasn’t she friended me?” I clicked “Add Friend” and cried when I got the notification minutes later that she had accepted. We met up in person soon afterward. It has been wonderful to reconnect and to realize that we would choose to be friends as adults too.

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No news today, BUT…

I’m visiting one of the best friends a girl could have this weekend so no new “real” post today.

That said, I would love it if you’d Like my new Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

Hope you have a terrific weekend with whoever or whatever makes you feel happy!

Jen and Jen

Good intentions, no stamps

I meant to send Christmas cards. At least I thought about it.


I sent a few to clients through Treat.com (which is the coolest) but then…yeah. I lost focus.

I also didn’t have any stamps. Still don’t. It’s a problem.

Sending paper cards isn’t very green anyway, is it? Don’t get me started about the banality of digital cards.

The real issue? I don’t see the point. Most of my world is on Facebook. I see the fantastic trips, the wedding photos, the new houses, the babies and the kids they grow into. It’s wonderful. But it negates cards.

I’d tell people not to send me cards anymore but that would be rude. And I don’t like feeling left out either.

Do you send cards?

The jig is up

I called my parents’ home phone while I walking to the subway tonight.

Mom: Hello…

Me (sensing a certain tone, I opted for brevity): Hi!


Me: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(so loud everyone at the intersection of 14th and 2nd in Manhattan looked for the weirdo)

My mother finally saw the picture of her I posted on Facebook Sunday. I didn’t tag her in it so I was curious to see how long it would take for her to see it. She doesn’t like having her photo taken, much less having it out there in the cy-ber-world. She thinks she looks old.

This is the picture.


Forty of my Facebook friends and counting have clicked like. I think she looks fabulous, but as her daughter, I recognize that I’m biased.

When one of Mom’s friends commented on the photo, gushing I knew the jig was up.


I called home again when I got to my apartment.

Mom: I’m on my cell phone with _____. I’ll call you back.

Me: How’d you find out about the photo?

Mom: One of my friends.

And then she hung up on me. She’s not calling back.


Wouldn’t be awesome if Yelp added a “Humblebrag” button next to “Useful,” “Cool” and “Funny”?

I’d click it here.

Try for a moment to imagine the fights that would ensue if Facebook offered Humblebrag next to Like. And then wish like crazy for it to happen.