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Camp X-Ray starring Kristen Stewart

One of my favorite things about life in New York City is the regular availability of really special events. Recently I attended a screening of Kristen Stewart’s forthcoming movie, Camp X-Ray at NYU Law School.

The film is about the relationship that Stewart‘s Army Private First Class develops with longtime Guantanamo Bay detainee Ali, played by Peyman Moaadi.

This is the official trailer:

I saw a few tweets about Stewart and/or the movie being anti-U.S. military. I didn’t take that away from Camp X-Ray at all. On the contrary, I thought the film was sympathetic toward those stationed in places like Gitmo showing the monotony, isolation and challenge of policing the detainees while also keeping them safe.

Of course, Camp X-Ray also reminds viewers of the horrible situation that exists to this day in Guantanamo: detainees held for years without trial and almost certainly without hope of freedom. This is a timely and affecting movie with strong performances across the board. Don’t miss it.


Post-screening, we were treated by discussion with Stewart, Sattler and [an odd] moderator from NYU. It was terrific to hear about the filmmaking process. Less terrific to hear the moderator opine about romantic vibes between Stewart’s and Moaadi’s characters.

Still, excellent film and cool experience. What movie should I see next?

Upcoming film: Camp X-Ray

Via Spin.com

As a big Kristen Stewart fan, I am excited to check out Camp X-Ray.

Kristen plays a soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay who develops a relationship with a detainee played by Peyman Maadi.

Will you see it?


You oughta be in pictures, Brooklyn

See these pink signs? They’re all over my immediate neighborhood.

I think pink indicates a movie shoot and other colors indicate commercials or television, but I’m just guessing based on the signs I see.

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The Hollywood Reporter & a cool Tumblr imagines Kristen Stewart as Lisbeth Salander

I agree: KStew would have rocked the role of Lisbeth Salander in the [unnecessary] American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

A tumblr called But You’re Like Really Pretty provided illustrated examples of what Kristen plus several other popular actresses might have looked like as Lisbeth. It’s fun to imagine.

I just wish they had mocked up, say, Reese Witherspoon for giggles.

Have you seen TGWTDT? How was it?

Cosmopolis. Discuss.

This @time writer liked author Don DeLillo’s new short story collection, The Angel Esmerelda, better than other DeLillo works including Cosmopolis.

But there’s a problem: DeLillo hasn’t been very good recently. As if in reaction to the bunker-busting Underworld, DeLillo’s 21st century work grew famished, starved of style and meaning. Thin works like The Body Artist, Cosmopolis and The Falling Man looked more like stocking stuffers than proper novels, and they read worse. 

Have you read Cosmopolis, and if so, did you read it before Rob Pattinson was cast in the film or after?

(not judging!)

What was your take on the novel?

The @nytimes asks: What Will Bella Wear?

NY Times Style Section – Field Notes


I’m going to do my very best to avoid the big remaining spoiler that is Bella’s wedding dress. My plan is to see Breaking Dawn on November 18 in the afternoon which means I’ll need to stay away from Twitter once the midnight showings begin.


Why isn’t Erika Christensen getting better big screen roles?

She is spectacular in Traffic, one of the eight or so DVDs I own and thus in heavy rotation given that Time Warner Cable won’t set me up for another week. As a result, I am wondering why Erika Christensen hasn’t had better film roles.

I watch her on Parenthood where I think she’s largely wasted (not to mention miscast).

She has kept a very low profile. Googling “Erika Christensen” only turns up a smattering of information including the fact that she is a Scientologist.

These are the things I contemplate when I should be doing things like, oh, unpacking my new apartment.