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The calls keep coming

When I switched from Time Warner Cable to Verizon FioS, I was offered a landline with the package, essentially for free. I thought “ok, cool” given that I sometimes work from home and a landline could be useful for conference calls and such.

I was given a few choices for my new home number and chose the one with a pattern easily remembered. Since the line was set up, I have given out the number to three people, maybe. I have not set up the voice mail.

And yet I get at least five calls per day. At least.

My number used to belong to a woman named Melody. She is college educated, but apparently bad at follow-through based on the calls I get about her overdue student loans.

The number also belonged to a car service, as well a Hasidic family with many, many friends, all of whom call morning noon and night.

I don’t even look at the caller ID when the phone rings anymore. Heck, I don’t even stop what I’m doing. The calls are never for me.

I called Verizon to dump my landline and learned that doing so would increase, not decrease, my monthly bill. The Verizon rep offered to change my number. I declined.

Next, she suggested, without irony, that I simply unplug the phone.

The phone keeps ringing. For now.

Late to the Nashville party

Do you watch the TV show Nashville?


I tuned in part way through season 2 and although it was clear I had missed a lot of characters’ backstory, I liked Nashville a lot.

On a recent flight, I had the chance to go back to the start of the show thanks to in-flight DIRECTV. I plowed through four or five episodes beginning with the pilot. I was hooked!

But getting caught up was hard. No Hulu, no Netflix and ABC.com only offers a few episodes free. My options for seeing the episodes were Amazon (not included in Prime) or through Verizon FioS for $1.99 per episode (SD; HD is $2.99 and I’m too cheap for that).

Given that ratings for Nashville have not been spectacular, one would think that ABC could throw would-be fans a bone. But no.

Anyway. I am caught up now and looking forward to more Juliette bitchface. Continue reading