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What has my slacker self been doing?

Hi friends,

This flu really knocked me for a loop – and I haven’t felt at all creative about writing. There are MANY unfinished posts hanging out in the Drafts section waiting to be ready. But rather than bore you with something potentially silly or rush the process, I have stayed rather quiet. Hope you understand.

Here’s what I’ve been doing recently.

Reading this book in preparation for seeing the much-lauded Hamilton on Broadway with Ms. Moxie. Before you get too excited, we’re going in NOVEMBER. Waiting is hard. Particularly given that my friends are always posting about it.

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“Wow, you get sick a lot!”

It started this time with an uncomfortable feeling in my upper chest. Not a tickle, but an urge to clear my throat or maybe lungs. A gritty sensation. Oh no.

That was Monday or Tuesday. By Thursday, I knew I was getting actual-sick and left work mid-afternoon.

“Wow, you get sick a lot,” a coworker said.

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