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I had some fun with my nails

Before my parents most recent visit, I went to the nail salon with a picture in my phone.

nails painting


I took a photo of a painting by my late paternal grandmother to the nail salon and told my favorite technician Joey “anything inspired by this will be wonderful.” She far exceeded my expectations and when my father saw her work, he seemed touched.

Ignore my cuticles. Joey does the best she can with what I give her!

Breaking up with shellac

For a year, I had exclusively gel (or shellac) manicures. I blogged about the subject here.

nails hurricane

I loved the durability. It was nice to leave on a long business trip and not worry about chips.

red nails

Not having to sit and wait for polish to dry (and then still managing to smudge a nail after, like, ten cycles at the dryer) was terrific. Continue reading


I’m hooked on shellac manicures. My nails always look good, if not great. When I am traveling a lot, shellac is a lifesaver.

These manicures last a good two weeks–if my nails didn’t grow so fast, the polish would easily last three. No chips.


But often people ask what my nails look like underneath the polish. Here’s a peek. Continue reading

I had big hair

…and for quite a while.

Presented for your entertainment:

I’m the brunette wearing the herringbone chain.

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