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New favorite: Carla Hall petite cookies

A friend at work was sent a sampler of Carla Hall’s cookies. He kindly shared.

We gobbled them up so fast that I didn’t take a picture. So here’s someone else’s.

Photo via Rivertree Kitchen


My coworkers really liked the Black Forest Crinkle but my favorite was the pecan shortbread with vanilla salt. And I’m not crazy about nuts.

I really want to try the Mexican chocolate chip cookies soon. This could be an expensive habit.

There are few phrases I hate more than…

Push present.

If I ever found myself pregnant (and a dude were actually involved), I’d make it oh-so-clear from the point of conception that those words are never to be uttered around me or even about me.

Gifts to commemorate the momentous occasion are fine. I’ll take this. Just don’t ever, ever say push present.

P.S. I hope this cake was a joke.

Cereal milk is gross

A group of us were at the beach. My immediate family members have seen me perform the cereal ritual many times:

  • Put cereal in bowl
  • Add milk
  • Add fruit
  • Drain milk
  • Eat

But my cousin’s wife was new to the family. She hadn’t witnessed what she calls my Crime Against Delicious Cereal Milk.

She* tried to persuade me that cereal milk is good. I was not persuaded.

For Christmas, she got me this:

I think we’ll keep her.


*If you’re like her, go to Momofuku Milk Bar, ok?