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Good food: Market Table in NYC

It has been a while since I posted about food. Two recent meals reminded me that I was overdue.

One restaurant, Market Table, was so good that I had to go back for seconds.

First, I dined there with Adrienne. Situated in the charming West Village, Market Table is a cozy nine-year old restaurant that I had somehow overlooked all this time. And it was simply through the luck of OpenTable that I picked it at all.

My friend and I had some serious catching up to do so I didn’t take any of my own pics. Fortunately Instagram came to the rescue.


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My weekend in tweets, pics and gifs

It started off as many of my weekends begin: with a nap.


My company offers half days for Summer Fridays, bless them. This week kicked my a$$ and I needed to recharge.

On Saturday, I headed over to East River State Park for Renegade Craft Fair. Why? Because my Twitter friends Joel and Steffanie would be there with their business, Old Town Suds.

Joel and Steffanie

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Five restaurants I have eaten in recently

It has been a week of great food for me. Next week, it will be mostly salads and trips to the gym!

1. The Goodwin (Greenwich Village, NYC) – I picked it on a whim for a Saturday night dinner with two girlfriends based on nothing more than OpenTable availability, location and a glimpse at the menu. Fortunately The Goodwin was a unanimous hit. We loved the charming – albeit cramped – space, and the menu was fantastic.

Try the pork shoulder ‘pig in a blanket’ or the wonderful burrata.

2. Jockey Club (Guadalajara) – if you go, get the Arrachera steak. It’s similar to the cut we call skirt steak in the U.S. Mine was buttery, rich and tender. They also offer plenty of Mexican delicacies in addition to traditional steakhouse fare. I really enjoyed the grilled cheese appetizer called queso panela.

3. La Tequila (Guadalajara) – Order the queso. Paired with terrific tortillas, I could have made a meal out of just this appetizer. The upstairs dining area is more atmospheric than the main floor, in my opinion.

La Tequila

4. Kestane Kebab (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) – I’m cheating on this one. Using Seamless.com, I had food delivered. So good and a great value. I love the lentil soup, any of the spit roasted chicken items and, of course, baklava.

5. Bann (Midtown Manhattan) – I didn’t get a pic of my dish of noodles and soy-marinated beef (Bann Gooksu) but did snap a shot of my friend’s pork ribs. Quite a platter, and part of Bann’s current Restaurant Week offering. At Bann it was $38 for three courses.

Of course our cocktails, including my soju lemonades, took the price higher.

Dae Ji Kalbi

Where have you eaten recently?

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The old neighborhood

I lived in Greenwich Village for two years – 1999-2001. That’s where I was on September 11, in fact.

I left, moving to DC, just as things were starting to change rapidly. The website Vanishing New York has an excellent summary.

Are cupcakes to blame or is this just the nature of New York?

Via lovescool.com

I’m glad to say a few of my old hangouts are still in business including Po and Bar Pitti. And further to the east, Swift.

Would you buy this NYC apartment?

A friend of mine just sold her Greenwich Village apartment. She told me “interest was high, particularly because it was the only downtown 1 BR listed for less than $1 million.”

Her apartment sold quickly in an all cash deal. That’s New York.

But how about this apartment listing: 383 Bleecker Street for $650k via Citi Habitats

The pros:

  • Great location. Who doesn’t love the Village? OK, Republicans. But everyone else does, right?
  • It appears to get good light in spite of being on a low floor.
  • The hardwoods have character.
  • I like the ceiling fan in the living room.
  • The bathroom appears to have been recently updated (although with one of those useless pedestal sinks that offer no storage).

The cons:

  • It’s a walk-up (no elevator) and the building doesn’t look like anything special.
  • The apartment is tiny – about 400 square feet. The listing calls it a 1 BR but I suspect it’s really a studio with a wall for a sleeping area.
  • The apartment has two closets – total.
  • The floor plan says “DW” for dishwasher but there’s no evidence of one in the kitchen photo. That kitchen is old, with a terrible old stove/oven. Also, that ancient radiator makes me shudder.
  • Co-op fees are just under $1000/month. The buyer needs to put down 20% ($130,000).
  • The listing doesn’t mention a laundry in the building so there probably isn’t one.

The listing references showings beginning on March 25 and today is April 2. My prediction is that this apartment will sell for somewhere in the high $500s instead of the $650,000 it’s listed for.

Note: all images are the property of Citi-Habitats.com

The hunt (entry #2 about finding an apartment in NYC)

Would you like to see some of the apartments I didn’t take? OK then! Here’s one.

95 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village

I looked at three studios (two with the same layout, one with a different), all around $2850 per month. Sample listing with floor plan here.

Yes, almost $3000 per month. That’s rent, not a mortgage payment. You don’t get to keep the place.

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