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I totally hit that

Updated to add Cialis pics!

Back in the day, I dated an actor. I was younger and cooler then.

We met in a bar I frequented. He was in an Off Off Broadway play starring Mario Cantone and the cast was hanging out together. (Mario was super-cool BTW)

Back then, the Actor spent almost as much time working catering gigs as acting, but he has since had roles on TV including Mad Men and also in some films.

We lost touch for a while, but thanks to Facebook, we’re friendly again.

Lately, though, he keeps popping up in strange places. Continue reading

Would you kiss it?

I admit it: I stared. That is one fluffy beard!

The guy was good looking — not that you can tell from this identity-obscuring photo. Nice blue eyes, pleasant smile.

Could you get past the beard and kiss this guy?