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Guest Post: @eimski on Birchbox

This is the first of four guest posts my friend @eimski will be contributing to Just One Chick. The ideas for these posts came up when she visited me in Brooklyn to celebrate our October birthdays.

The Monthly Surprise in my Box

My MAIL box, people, jeez.

For a long time I have been intrigued by the monthly ‘sample’ boxes my friends had been subscribing to. BirchBox promised to introduce me to new beauty and lifestyle products for a reasonable price and without the pain of being left with unused products if I hated it. $10 a month seemed like a good investment and my friends had raved about it, so I made my way to the website and signed up and eagerly waited for my monthly supply of beauty goodies.

Via Birchbox

Via Birchbox

The first month arrived and I was underwhelmed. The best part of the box was being introduced to Twistbands. Those suckers really do work and don’t leave a ridge in your hair. Otherwise, however, I could not have cared less about the box.

Still, I decided to persevere.

Month two arrived with a small sample of Kate Spade’s ‘Twirl’ fragrance and a razor. I was incensed. Continue reading