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When is a hipster not a hipster?

While I was in San Francisco recently, my friend Carolyn invited me to tag along to her friends’ party in Napa.


I was a tiny bit nervous about fitting in. Surely people who live in Napa must be way cooler than me, right? At a minimum, they would know lots more about wine. Continue reading

Looking back

As you read this, I am on a business trip in Mexico* instead of live-tweeting The Bachelor. For some of you, this is probably cause for celebration.



I thought that for tonight I’d share a few of my favorite posts from the past, some Bachelor-related, most not.

  • Hey Chris Harrison! A little color please.
  • Meagan Good’s eyebrows
  • Fashion Police
  • Cumin my Cocktail
  • Greenwich Village, my old ‘hood
  • My pioneering hipster¬†bun

*Sadly there’s no beach involved and no pool time. But there’s tequila.

I bought it: Hipster Calendar

According to Forbes, that estimable evaluator of trends and hipness, I live in the third “Best Hipster Neighborhood” also known as Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It will come as no surprise, then, that this exists.hipster calendar

Perhaps more surprising: the fact that I bought one for $15.


How could I resist tattoos and antlers?

I found this calendar at The Lodge‘s General Store on Havemeyer in Williamsburg. My regular barista told me that he didn’t get his own month this year because “he got too drunk during the shoot.”

A sign near the calendars says ‘proceeds go to charity.’ I asked which one and was told about a ‘friend with cancer’ but really, I just wanted a funny calendar for my kitchen.

Sadly the folks at The Lodge don’t seem to sell the calendar online. Missed opportunity.

Hipster buns redux

Remember when I moved to Brooklyn and said NO to hipster buns?

You can reminisce here.

It has been really hot and humid here in the NYC area lately. Really, really hot. So this happened:

It won’t happen again.

At least not in public.

Weird trend: enormous, thick scarves

Had I known it was going to be a big trend in 2012 (and did I not find said trend ridiculous), I would have saved all of the lovely afghans my wonderful Nana knitted and crocheted during my childhood.

Note: I spotted the woman above on a day when temperatures hit 60. It was probably 50 at this point.



Nana and I could have made a killing on Etsy.


Williamsburg style: the Hipster Bun

Unlike Shannon Kim, I am not a fan of this trend: the hipster bun.

I don’t object to a bun per se. Or even a messy bun.

It’s the heights people take it to – say, two inches from the forehead and hairline. Which strikes me as ridiculous.

I think this model pulls it off reasonably well. But it’s still not my favorite style.

Via JoannaGoddard.blogspot.com (which I love)

What styles do you swear you’d never adopt?