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My first seven jobs

The Twitter trending topic got me thinking – and laughing.


I got working papers the summer when I was fourteen. My childhood friend Earl’s family owned a local restaurant and they were kind enough to hire me even though I had never worked. The restaurant didn’t serve alcohol which is part of why I could work there. In my home state of PA, you had to be at least eighteen to wait tables in a place with a liquor license (at least then; not sure about now).

Jen cheerleading

I wasn’t the most attractive hire. My parents wanted me to learn about responsibility and “the value of a dollar.” But Mom also didn’t want me working more than ten or twelve hours per week. Additionally I had an active schedule between summer dance workshops and performances and cheerleading practices, not to mention chasing boys.

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Twinkies are crap anyway

People are going bananas about the liquidation of Hostess Brands. I’m sorry for the loss of jobs, but not much else.


I have never had a Twinkie, a Ding Dong or a Ho Ho. SnoBalls downright scared me all my life.


I grew up with Tasty Kakes. Peanut butter Kandy Kakes specifically. I assure you: they are superior. And to my knowledge, not made of creepy chemicals.


It’s a Pennsylvania thing, but if Tasty Kakes aren’t in your area, you can order online.