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Five things I would do if I owned a hotel

I travel a lot, particularly on business, so I spend a good amount of time in hotels. This year-to-date, I have spent approximately fifteen nights in hotels already.*

Here are five things I’d implement immediately if I ran a hotel.

1. Provide high quality hair dryers.

If you care about female business travelers, this is a must. I want to look good, but I don’t want to lug my Rusk Speed Freak in my suitcase, OK?

This evil little hair dryer pictured below is the worst-of-the-worst, but a Conair without heat control and a worn out motor doesn’t win a prize either.

evil little hair dryer

Hotels should treat quality hair dryers as an upsell opportunity like they do robes. If someone steals the hair dryer, add $250 to the bill. Easy.

2. Offer breakfast for room service 24/7. 

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I went to Houston

While I have flown through Houston several times, I had never truly set foot in the city itself until now.

I stayed at the Hotel Zaza. My flight was delayed more than three hours so sadly, I didn’t get to enjoy this:

My room had a surprise or two for me. How would you react?

When my work was over, I got to catch up with @eimski.

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