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Eureka! Good Indian food in Williamsburg.

I’m afraid to jinx myself. It has only been once and heaven knows I have been disappointed so many times.

“Woe. There is no good Indian food in Williamsburg,” I proclaimed to anyone who would listen (note: no one). I had bland Indian food and inedible Indian food and more bland.

I resorted to ordering from Benares, which delivers to my Manhattan office, and taking that home for dinner via bus and then subway. Yeah, I know.

Could it be that there is a new, good Indian restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

Dare I hope?

I dare. Because the meal I had delivered from Mahal Kita via Seamless was DELICIOUS. Even better? It was 20% off because they’re new in town.


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The quest for good Indian food in Brooklyn

I shouldn’t complain. But I’m complaining.

While my return to NYC has mostly been Food Heaven, I have not yet found a way to sate my craving for Indian food, my favorite cuisine.

Any regional Indian cuisine would do. Delivery would be ideal, but I’d pick it up here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn within reason.

I tried the best rated Indian restaurant in my hood that delivers (via Yelp). And It Sucked. (For the most part)

Check out what they sent to me as daal:

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