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Twitter Spotlight master post

All of the good stuff in one place. Enjoy!

1. Holly MacKenzie – @stackmack

2. Eliza Orlins – @eorlins

3. Ted Casablanca – @Ted_Casablanca

4. Shannon Kelly – @shankell  Update here

5. Isaiah Mustafa – @isaiahmustafa

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Twitter Spotlight: Jaclyn Swartz

Update: Jaclyn has her own hilarious blog now:

Blond Hair Don’t Care

While this post lists five reasons to love Jaclyn Swartz of Bachelor and Bachelor Pad 3 fame, there are many more than that.

Jaclyn and her zingers made me chuckle so many times during her time on TV. But whereas at the end of Ben Flajnik’s season, I never gave a thought to his happily ever after (or not), when BP3 ended, I needed to know if Jaclyn’s friendship with BFF Rachel could be saved.

[spoiler: they’re besties again]

J and R

Get to know Jaclyn:

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