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“I don’t look like Jacob from Twilight”

A guy on YouTube named FREED0MRISING who is fond of posting “how to” videos for men with long hairĀ hates that people think he looks like Jacob from Twilight. So much so that he made a video about it.

I don’t think Taylor Lautner has anything to worry about.

Should I wear one to work?

Not sure what part I like the best.

The music, which had me swaying…

The flash of braces we see from the sweet star of the video…

The towel-hat craft which will make for a great party trick…

Or maybe it’s the Twilight posters in the background. Probably that. Yeah, I’m a goof.

“I have become a total Kristen Stewart partisan. Like, I support her.”

This post on The Awl about Breaking Dawn had me cracking up when I wasn’t nodding in agreement. A few of my favorite lines:

Mary: It was a super elegant dress. The lace panel in the back with hundreds of covered satin buttons.

Natasha: The lace panel almost down to her flat ass killed me! I want a back that long : (

Mary: It was coccyx cleavage.

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Via @peoplemag Twilight cookies…but FANGS?

A bakery in NYC called Eleni’s is selling Twilight cookies in conjunction with the premiere of Breaking Dawn. But there are no fangs in Twilight!

Given that there’s a $65 price tag for fourteen sugar cookies, it’s possible that Eleni’s is an official licensee of Summit’s.

For $65, buyers get:

Vampire Romance

  • 1 motorcycle
  • 1 “Team Jacob shirt”
  • 2 paw prints
  • 1 wolf
  • 1 wedding ring
  • 1 vampire teeth
  • 1 crossroads sign
  • 1 chess piece
  • 1 “Team Edward shirt”
  • 1 Jacob
  • 1 Bella
  • 1 Edward
  • 1 vampire baby (apparently they’re ambivalent about the name Renesmee too)


On the other hand, there’s no official logo cookie and the designs are rather, um, simple so perhaps Summit is already preparing a cease and desist.