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Guest post: Beyond ‘Hey Ho’

I have referred to @AestheticsGirl (aka Charity) as my Musical Guru for several years. Thanks to her, I have managed to avoid a complete descent into old age by occasionally being up-to-date on new music.

Here is the first in a series of @AestheticsGirl guest posts that will touch upon music, books and other things that make life far more interesting.

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The Lumineers have gotten a lot of play of their song “Hey Ho” off from their self-titled debut album because of the tie-in to Silver Linings Playbook.  

The band put on a charming and enchanting performance of “Hey Ho” and “Stubborn Love” on Saturday Night Live—great to see a band that is about the music and not the theatrics get a chance to shine.

Here’s a live Lumineers performance from Summer 2012:


Recently they appeared on The Grammy’s as an intro act to Jack White, performing, of course, “Hey Ho.”

While “Hey Ho” is a great track, brings a smile to my face and a bounce to my step whenever I hear it, the band actually has better songs on their album.

Expand your listening of The Lumineers to include “Classy Girls” and “Slow It Down.”

Or better yet, listen to the entire album.

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Tom Cruise and Kristen Stewart? Oh, HELL no!

Time Magazine thought it would be funny to run some numbers and identify Tom Cruise’s next wife. Kristen Stewart is noted as one of three possibilities.

My reaction: NO, NO, NO.

Note: this ran in Time’s July 23 issue–on newsstands approximately July 16 and thus before Sad Times.

Unfortunately I can’t find the graphic online. Just text.

The Hunger[ing for different casting] Games

I saw The Hunger Games last Tuesday. Even though the film was just released, I still felt like the last person in NYC to see it.

My friend and I went to a 6p showing. It was packed. Sadly, we didn’t see anyone dressed in character. Maybe that’s for the best, though: a friend said a girl came complete with bow and arrow to her theater.

One of my DC friends, @candacearm, and I had an email exchange after we both saw it.


How’d you feel about Hunger Games? You excited for KStew’s Snow White??? I’m QUITE intrigued by it.


I liked THG very much with one big exception: Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. He was so badly miscast IMO that I can’t understand how it happened. At first, I thought the two actors for Peeta and Gale should just be flipped, but I really don’t see Josh as a leading man type.

He was terrific in The Kids Are Alright but his face looked like Mr. Potato Head in close-ups in THG, and dying his hair and eyebrows made me cringe.


Jennifer Lawrence was – I thought – incredible.

The director did a good job with a huge amount of material. Adaptations are so hard.


Clever plot trick using the film at the reaping to quickly explain the origin story.

For Cinna, wasn’t his attire and look supposed to be more outlandish? Lenny was plain (but good) other than eye make-up.

CANNOT wait for Snow White. Looks good, expensively produced with excellent effects.

[oops, just realized that I monopolized the conversation. Sorry C!]


I JUST said to my coworker this morning that I did not like how they cast Peeta.  I couldn’t tell if it’s cause I’m eh on his character or what – but you’re totally right.  Also, I thought him and Cato looked so similar that it was a bit confusing at times.

I also didn’t like how they just ended it with Snow (gah, I love Donald Sutherland) just walking up the stairs.  I know it’s a cliffhanger, but I was hoping for a STRONGER ending.  I thought Cinna was supposed to be much more toned down than the assistants.  Just realized Seneca was the creepy kid from American Beauty that recorded everything.

Just so you know, @candacearm thought I only wanted to quote our convo because of the “you’re totally right” part. I object!

PS Isn’t @candacearm hot stuff? You should join her fan club. I’m the President.