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Pool-less in Brooklyn

One thing I miss about my DC life: I had a pool there. My condo building has a small rooftop pool, but the rental building I lived in for six years had an awesome pool. I used to look out from my balcony to decide if it was crowded or not.

Ah, my old pool

I started writing a post about pools I might use this summer, but it depressed me sufficiently that I am only posting two (below).

Why depressed? I realized that I’m just not a public pool person, and also that while I don’t mind spending money, I generally prefer that it not be my money spent.

How about you? Perhaps you have a pool I can swim in?

*          *          *          *

The pool at King & Grove Williamsburg is accessible to non-residents – for a price. $40 $45 gets you a day pass. First come, first served. Looks like packages only now.

Nice round-up of Brooklyn public pools via Brokelyn