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Let’s make out

OK, maybe not really.

But you should know that Make Out Parties for adults do exist here in NYC. I heard about it in a New York Magazine feature called The Urban Suburban Basement.

[You know I love my @NYMag.]

An excerpt:

Kissing strangers may sound awfully chaste in a post–Fifty Shades world, but not to Larisa Fuchs; her monthly House of Scorpio Lip Service parties are a hub for no-strings-attached makeout sessions.

I don’t think I would have the guts. Would you? If so, your next chance comes on February 8. Details here.

The author, Jordana Rothman, also takes pics of NYC bathrooms so I decided I had to follow her on Twitter.

2016 update: new venue

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I wonder if Bachelorette producers would make me a graph to confirm that Emily and Arie have kissed on camera more than any previous Bachelorette and contestant in history.

Shout out to @aswinn for making me aware of this video.