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Twitter Spotlight: Linda O’Grady

If you had asked me six months ago who my favorite Irish blogger in Latvia is, I would have looked at you like this.

Huh? What?

But now I get it because I found Linda and her blog. (By the way, thanks Aussa!)


Linda teaches English in Riga and I can’t help but think of her as brave. Latvia doesn’t seem like the warmest place in temperature and, well, temperament. But Linda soldiers on, and with great humor. Continue reading

A list of good reads

Not just books either. Although I’m reading three right now:

  • The Accident – great for fans of Gone Girl (I just finished)
  • We Need New Names – I’m mid-read now but I think that if you liked Little Bee (I did!), you’ll probably enjoy this
  • Improvise – thoughts and stories about career development

Click for photo right info

Other great reads from around ye olde internet: Continue reading