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Not new, but new to me!

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One cool thing about getting older is that things I’d have been blasé about in my twenties

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…are instead fresh and exciting to me now. Case in point: new (to me!) bars and restaurants.

I had a date recently* and we had drinks first at Back Room and then at Apothéke.

The Back Room has been open since 2005 and yet still: NEW TO ME. Good enough. One of the bartenders there is hilariously obsessed with this Mew song. He played it repeatedly until the DJ took control.

While I didn’t like Back Room’s sidecar as much as Palena‘s, it was good. Then again, Palena’s sidecars are my gold standard.

Our second stopApothéke, is located in the heart of Chinatown. The real Chinatown as opposed to the blocks that have encroached upon Little Italy. Tiny Doyers Street, off lower Bowery, could easily have been an alley in Barcelona (if not, of course, for the Chinese signs everywhere).

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At this point in my drinking night, I found Apothéke’s cocktail menu overwhelming and went with a classic Manhattan. It was tasty, but did not feature the delicious cherries it would at Bowery Hotel. I missed them. Boo.

How was your weekend?

*More on him if he either becomes my boyfriend OR does something really horrible/hilarious that must be recounted here.

And how was YOUR weekend?

On Friday I had a fun night out with Adrienne who I first met through Candace in DC. We spent most of the night – and plenty of our dollars – at the Lobby Bar within Bowery Hotel.

While I was waiting for Adrienne to arrive, I got to meet Patrick Carney of the Black Keys ever so briefly. Later Leonardo DiCaprio made an appearance, but to be honest, I was way more excited about Pat.


Walter and Jose were working together as they were last time. Walter’s company Bowery Collective is hosting a whiskey event on Saturday, November 16 that I might have to check out. There’s a Manhattan station and BBQ from Hill Country after all! Details here.

After Bowery, we tried to go to bOb but it was over capacity so we went to its sister bar Lounge 247. We had heard that the music would be great – lots of 90s hip hop – and we weren’t disappointed. The bad twerking we witness provided comic relief.

What kind of trouble did you get into this weekend?