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Twitter Spotlight: Laura McKittrick aka @xxGreenwichGirl

Until I asked the Greenwich Girl┬áto do a Twitter Spotlight, I didn’t even know her name! Meet Laura McKittrick.

Laura has been very busy establishing the Greenwich Girl brand including a magazine and blog. Now it’s her turn to stand front and center.


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Twentysomething mistakes

I love this roundup by Paper Magazine. Women including the brash, hilarious Jenny Johnson talked about mistakes they’d made during those formative young adult years.

I regret nothing so much.

Many days I feel like comedian Tig Notaro. Via Paper:

“Honestly, I can’t think of a single regret that I have. Every horrible decision that I possibly should regret in life lead me to where I am today. It’s difficult to feel anything but pretty great.”

But plenty of other days, I think:

I regret sometimes living beyond my means, including fighting to have my own apartment in Manhattan when I truly couldn’t afford it.

I wish I had taken more risks with regard to my career when the stakes were very low.

I regret not traveling more.

20s Collage

I used to think I might regret my wilder days, even as they were happening. Nope. Not one bit. Those times lasted just the right number of years and ended without [major] incident. And I have some great stories to tell.

Do you have any twentysomething regrets you’re willing to share?


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