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Magic Mike XXL, the unexpected feminist movie

Just like I did re: The Bachelorette – or rather didn’t do – I won’t recap Magic Mike XXL. Not because I didn’t enjoy it (I enjoyed it A LOT) but because other, better writers have already done so.

Via People Magazine

Here are a few highlights from their write-ups interspersed with pics and gifs from this totally Oscar-caliber* movie as well as one or two of my own thoughts.

If you’re concerned about spoilers – and you really shouldn’t be because the paper-thin plot is Not The Point – I guess stop reading. But you’d be missing stuff like this:

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The best part of Magic Mike

Channing Tatum never held much appeal for me.

Dear John? Pass.

The Vow?  Too much Guy-Cry.

Then again, I’m also the woman who didn’t get Ryan Gosling until Crazy Stupid Love.

I knew Channing as the guy who married the girl who dated Justin Timberlake post-Britney. The guy whose stripper past came out which I found mortifying.

“There goes his shot at an Academy Award,” I thought.

But I was intrigued when I heard that Channing had decided to use the stripping experience to his advantage in the form of Magic Mike. Something about the trailer got me too.

Did I see Magic Mike? Oh yeah. This was my favorite scene.

I wish I could find the whole thing online. Maybe this means I have come around on Channing.

Lots o’ gifs here