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My NYC To Do List – Item #13: take a cheese class

I love cheese. Wouldn’t it be fun to know more about it? I think so.

In my opinion, the funkier the cheese, the better. I’m not sure there’s a cheese I wouldn’t try.

Via Murray’s

Here in the New York metropolitan area, there are cheese making classes. But I think I just want to eat it!

These are a few of the options I’m considering:

Update: I did it! Thanks to Mollytopia, I took a great class at Murray’s.

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A Mother and a Daughter

My mother’s first breath after crossing the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn today was a sigh. She wishes I lived in Manhattan, I know. She tells me every chance she gets.

As Mom drove north on Havemeyer toward my apartment, I saw Williamsburg through her eyes: graffiti, old unpretty buildings, men with weird facial hair weaving in and out of traffic on bikes, more graffiti. I get it. She doesn’t see what I see and I have stopped trying to persuade her of my neighborhood’s charms.

williamsburg bridge

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I ate it: gnocchi with black truffles at Maialino

Giant gnocchi, to be clear.


I could have eaten about twenty more of them too. When I asked my dining companions if they wanted a taste, I was just being polite. They said yes.


That’s several thousand dollars worth of truffles pictured above. I assume they’re kept under lock and key.

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Christmas in New York


The Meatpacking District of my early twenties was very different than it is now. There was no Standard Hotel and the High Line was nothing but an abandoned elevated subway track. It smelled bad.

By day, the neighborhood bustled with the meat processing businesses that gave the area its name. It was a place of big trucks and burly, gruff men and sometimes, blood on sidewalks. By night, it was a darker place, both literally and figuratively. There were shadowy bars to drink in and hookers, plenty of them transvestites, lingering on sidewalks.

You can see photos of the Meatpacking District of that era here.

Back then, Hogs & Heifers was my go-to spot. I damn loved that bar and was thrilled each time I persuaded a friend to go there with me for her first visit. Each time the bouncer waved me past the line outside, I felt like a celebrity.

Inside, my friends and I drank cheap beer and threw back shots of whatever alcohol was put in our hands without worrying about roofies or worse. Every chance I got, I danced on the bar, full of drunken confidence and a fervent desire to shed the Girl From Scranton awkwardness I bore each day at my entry-level corporate job.

I felt cool for hanging out there, but realize now that to denizens of the neighborhood, my presence already signaled the beginning of the end. Gentrification had arrived.

H&H is still open. It just has different neighbors than it did during the mid-Nineties. Fancier neighbors.

I didn’t go inside the bar on the day I took this photo, knowing what I most wanted to find wouldn’t be there.

Time marches on, and so did I.

More thoughts on post-Sandy NYC

Somehow, some way, the L and G trains will find a way to disappoint.

– New York Times (11/6/12)

Before Sandy, I took these photos of my commute.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It worried me then, how taxed NYC’s transit system had become. Not to be all Debbie Downer but I’m even more worried now.

What are we gonna do, y’all?


  • Remember when I was poked by a stranger’s penis?
  • A crazy lady spit at me.

PS I still love New York.