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My fancy $6 manicure

Staci and I met in new employee orientation. She was about to start work as a marketing assistant for the magazine. I would be the newest advertising sales assistant, joining a team of twelve. In the beginning, I envied Staci–the other women (and they were all women) in my position were a few years older than me and I found their existing friendships intimidating.

Plus I looked goofy like this:


Staci and I were the low women on the totem pole, just weeks removed from college graduation.

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Breaking up with shellac

For a year, I had exclusively gel (or shellac) manicures. I blogged about the subject here.

nails hurricane

I loved the durability. It was nice to leave on a long business trip and not worry about chips.

red nails

Not having to sit and wait for polish to dry (and then still managing to smudge a nail after, like, ten cycles at the dryer) was terrific. Continue reading


I’m hooked on shellac manicures. My nails always look good, if not great. When I am traveling a lot, shellac is a lifesaver.

These manicures last a good two weeks–if my nails didn’t grow so fast, the polish would easily last three. No chips.


But often people ask what my nails look like underneath the polish. Here’s a peek. Continue reading