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Is it that hard to find a single, professional 40 year old man?

In a word, yes.

I knew that from my own experiences, but a recent Jeff Probst Show repeat drove the point home.

Jeff had chef and TV personality Devin Alexander on the show to test the skills and approaches of three different matchmakers. Devin is beautiful, successful, apparently personable, 41 years old and apparently needs help in the dating and relationship department.

I can relate.*

*Note: I am not calling myself beautiful, successful, personable or 41, only likening myself to her in the SEND HELP sense.

One matchmaker set her up with a 29 year old man (!) who works in the spirits industry. Career-wise, it’s perfectly legitimate but what 41 year old relationship-seeking woman is going to be psyched to date someone whose job essentially requires him to be out most nights?

There’s also a big difference between 29 and 41 for most people – not all – with regard to life experiences.

Another matchmaker brought in an attractive man who appeared to have a nice demeanor, almost a little shy. I believe he was a tech entrepreneur. He was also 34 years old and lived in Buffalo. Yes, Buffalo.

Is that where the eligible men are hiding? If so, guess I’ll be staying single.

No offense Buffalo.

Ready For Love?

Will you be watching Ready For Love when it premieres Tuesday night?


I plan to watch–even though it means being subjected to Giuliana Rancic’s blather.

I’m hoping some of my Twitter friends who watch Bachelor and Bachelorette will do so too. These shows are more fun with company whether you watch for sincere I-love-love reasons or for snark.

One of my college roommates works on Ready For Love, but alas, has not given me any juicy details.

P.S. Is it just me or do two of the three guys look like brothers in the photo above?

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