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Scenes from Superstorm Sandy

All is well here in my Williamsburg, Brooklyn abode. The building swayed during the bigger gusts enough to make us worry a little, but my neighbors and I didn’t lose power. I’m feeling grateful.

We have trees in Williamsburg, but not like in Brownstone Brooklyn.

My friend Melissa Hope Chusid created this great collage about life returning to normal on the Upper East Side.

When I walked through my own neighborhood this afternoon, Mast Brothers had reopened.┬áMomofuku Milkbar had not.┬áNor had Modca. Oslo was open – thank goodness – but didn’t have any pastries understandably. Pies n Thighs was not only open, but delivering.

The subway still isn’t working so I’m Brooklyn-bound for a few days.

Good riddance, Sandy.

Cereal milk is gross

A group of us were at the beach. My immediate family members have seen me perform the cereal ritual many times:

  • Put cereal in bowl
  • Add milk
  • Add fruit
  • Drain milk
  • Eat

But my cousin’s wife was new to the family. She hadn’t witnessed what she calls my Crime Against Delicious Cereal Milk.

She* tried to persuade me that cereal milk is good. I was not persuaded.

For Christmas, she got me this:

I think we’ll keep her.


*If you’re like her, go to Momofuku Milk Bar, ok?

With love from Momofuku Milk Bar (Brooklyn)



What’s a compost cookie, you ask? It’s what I’d call a “kitchen sink” cookie that includes everything from chocolate to potato chips.

A fan took a shot at recreating Momofuku Milk Bar’s compost cookie here.