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The Mother’s Day gift my Mom isn’t getting

And yes, I know Mom isn’t supposed to be capitalized when preceded by ‘my’ or ‘your’ but it just feels wrong not to capitalize it. I will break this rule every time. 

Spring for me is the triple whammy of gift giving: Dad‘s birthday, Mother‘s Day, parents’ wedding anniversary.


Finding gifts for the people I love more than bacon and naps, who have the means to buy themselves whatever their hearts’ desire AND who always proclaim that they don’t want me spending money on them is hard. Continue reading

My mom is reading Fifty Shades of Grey

I had hoped to avoid this situation, but it happened – on Mother’s Day no less: my mother announced that she is reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

My family and I have been going to Pellegrino’s for approximately seventeen years. They know my drink order. Good thing, for I would soon really need a drink.

Sometime during our consumption of the massive antipasto, my mother announced “I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey!” Continue reading