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He asked me to take his picture

This charming 4 year-old asked me to take his photo.


How could I resist? I love city kids.

More people on the bus.

NYC: Not For Wimps

As much as I love New York and am still ecstatic to be living here again, I’d be lying if I said it’s a hard place to dwell sometimes.

NYC rain

On a rainy day when something has gone wrong with the subway, and there are no cabs to be found, crying seems like a perfectly appropriate response.

But we deal. And sometimes buy ourselves bodega flowers.


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More thoughts on post-Sandy NYC

Somehow, some way, the L and G trains will find a way to disappoint.

– New York Times (11/6/12)

Before Sandy, I took these photos of my commute.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It worried me then, how taxed NYC’s transit system had become. Not to be all Debbie Downer but I’m even more worried now.

What are we gonna do, y’all?


  • Remember when I was poked by a stranger’s penis?
  • A crazy lady spit at me.

PS I still love New York.


My commute changed last week — again.

In a nine month stretch, I have had three different commutes. It’s a little like the first day of school: part exciting, part awkward.

My new office is seriously great, and my gym has a location in the building. But the building is awkwardly located. I have been trying out different ways of getting to the office, experiencing various parts of the MTA‘s seriously overwhelmed bus and train system.

Sigh. But yes, I still love New York.