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My fancy $6 manicure

Staci and I met in new employee orientation. She was about to start work as a marketing assistant for the magazine. I would be the newest advertising sales assistant, joining a team of twelve. In the beginning, I envied Staci–the other women (and they were all women) in my position were a few years older than me and I found their existing friendships intimidating.

Plus I looked goofy like this:


Staci and I were the low women on the totem pole, just weeks removed from college graduation.

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Pop quiz: Which did Mom find more objectionable?

Mom visited me. More on that soon.

As I anticipated her visit, I asked myself “which will she hate more – my hair which I had colored a bit darker or my nails which are painted black?”

Mom and Jen

Naturally she had an opinion.

How do you think it played out? Vote now and I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow. Click here to find out.

I had some fun with my nails

Before my parents most recent visit, I went to the nail salon with a picture in my phone.

nails painting


I took a photo of a painting by my late paternal grandmother to the nail salon and told my favorite technician Joey “anything inspired by this will be wonderful.” She far exceeded my expectations and when my father saw her work, he seemed touched.

Ignore my cuticles. Joey does the best she can with what I give her!

Candace came to visit

Having house guests in cities like New York can be challenging. I don’t have a guest room, and on weekends, I’m the laziest person alive.

But there are some friends I’m always happy to have visit. Candace is one of them. We had a lovely catch-up weekend and celebrated her acceptance to graduate school.

We ate bacon doughnuts – and lots of other things – at Traif.


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Breaking up with shellac

For a year, I had exclusively gel (or shellac) manicures. I blogged about the subject here.

nails hurricane

I loved the durability. It was nice to leave on a long business trip and not worry about chips.

red nails

Not having to sit and wait for polish to dry (and then still managing to smudge a nail after, like, ten cycles at the dryer) was terrific. Continue reading

Four little stars

I had a rare issue with my shellac manicure and made an appointment for a do-over. After three days or so, the pale pink polish got janky. Swirly. It bubbled.

When I got to the salon, several of the manicurists huddled around my hands.

One: yes, A64

Another: it keeps doing that

Several others just nodded

Receptionist/manager: WHY DOES NO ONE TELL ME THINGS?

As a part of my do-over, I decided to dabble in nail art. My nails are black with one nail on each hand featuring hot pink stars.

Fun, eh?