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Now I will watch the Emmys

I was recently blathering on about how much I adore Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Her Instagrams are terrific.

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You got that right. #deluxe

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And then she did this

…with my crush Aaron Paul and the superb Bryan Cranston.

Yeah, I’ll tune in. Job well done, folks.

We’re ready for you, Seth Meyers

My friend Katie got tickets to a very first test show for Late Night with Seth Meyers and kindly took me as one of her guests. Lucky me!


Another terrific only-in-NYC experience.

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Ready For Love?

Will you be watching Ready For Love when it premieres Tuesday night?


I plan to watch–even though it means being subjected to Giuliana Rancic’s blather.

I’m hoping some of my Twitter friends who watch Bachelor and Bachelorette will do so too. These shows are more fun with company whether you watch for sincere I-love-love reasons or for snark.

One of my college roommates works on Ready For Love, but alas, has not given me any juicy details.

P.S. Is it just me or do two of the three guys look like brothers in the photo above?

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Let us celebrate Anna Howard Shaw Day

My love for @candacearm grew [from big to enormous] when she reminded me of this 30 Rock segment starring Liz Lemon and her rebellion against the tyranny of Valentine’s Day.

Me? I will be ignoring Valentine’s Day this year–I’ll be on a business trip.

Can we talk about Meagan Good’s eyebrows?

What’s going on here?

Also, when NBC ads for Deception began airing, I honestly thought Deception was a made for TV movie starring Kerry Washington that had been in the can for a while but revived due to the popularity of Scandal.

I remember Meagan Good being sexy (if perhaps overdone), but in these shots she is no Kerry Washington. If I hear anyone put the two women in the same class, I will object.

But I digress…

Those eyebrows? All wrong.

My NYC To Do List – Item #4: Attend a Saturday Night Live taping

Each time Saturday Night Live has a host who excites me or a musical guest I love, I think “why haven’t I ever tried to get tickets to a taping?”

Now that I live in NYC again, it’s time to get my act together.

Update: I did it! September 28, 2013

Further proof that Richard Engel isn’t paid enough

Richard Engel treks 120 feet underground into Malian gold mine.

I’m not bogged down in fears. If I had to jump off a cliff, I would do so. If my survival depended on eating a three inch long roach, I’d find a way to choke that thing down.


But imagining being in a cramped, dark space underground does something awful to my ability to breathe.

Could you go into the mine if you had to? What’s your biggest fear?